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   The logotype competition “The Year of English in my school” was held at Chernivtsi school 40 in March, 29. Our students municipality chose the best logotype. The winner is the pupil of the 8-th form Pavlo Hubka. English teacher’s name is Oksana Vasylivna Smetaniuk.

   The logo of our school is the basis of two flags. There is a flag of our motherland,  Ukraine and a flag of an English- speaking country, Great Britain. The combining of these flags means the desire of Ukraine for learning one of the European and world’s languages; the importance of learning English as an international language.  English is spoken practically all over the world. There is a proverb: A new language - a new world.

   There is the emblem of our school in the centre of our logo. It symbolizes two colours: blue and yellow. Blue is the colour of the sky and yellow is the colour of the sun. The variety of school subjects is shown here. Among them there are Ukrainian, English, German, Geography, Maths, Music, Art, PT and others.

There is a book design under the sun, because the book is the source of knowledge and wisdom.

   The motto of our school sounds: Our school is our pride. School is our home, our study, our life. Our students are our pride. They are the winner of different competition, olympiads and contests. The main direction of our work is based on helping pupils to find themselves, developing their skills and position, reading themselves, finding the truth individually. Around the emblem there is a red ribbon, because red symbolizes health, joy, life, energy, activity, freedom and festivity.

   2016 is the Year of English, because the President of Ukrainian Petro Poroshenko signed Decree “On Declaring 2016 the Year of English language in Ukraine”. The President of Ukraine signed this Decree to support “Go Global” education initiative intended to popularize English language.

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